Nov. 10 Daylong Meditation Retreat: Living With Loving-Kindness

“The power of metta (loving-kindness) is so great that it brings up everything that stands in its way.” ~Sharon Salzberg

Metta, a sense of unconditional friendliness, is said to be the very ground of our spiritual life, and also the most powerful practice, in that it can overcome all the states that accompany the biggest delusion and source of our suffering – that of separateness.

During our time together, we’ll explore a variety of different mindfulness methods that can help us nurture and cultivate more metta for ourselves, others, and all the situations we find ourselves in; practices through which we might live more fully and authentically from this state of friendliness and kindness.

As our heart continues to open through this practice, we’ll be better able to rest in a natural presence, and embody greater compassion, wisdom, and love in our lives.

IMG_0386 (1)We’ll be gathering for our retreat on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m in the peaceful, spacious, modern blue sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah Valley, 6380 Valley Pike, Stephens City, VA. The quiet church grounds include open spaces and beautiful walking trails in the woods.

The format will include both guided and silent meditation, a dharma talk, and walking meditation both inside the sanctuary, and outside on the beautiful grounds. The silence will end at 4 p.m., and we’ll finish with a half-hour dedicated to questions.

Please note: Meditation experience is recommended, but not required. Comfy chairs are provided. Not recommended for those under age 18.

Registration for this meditation retreat is $65. Late registration is unavailable the day of retreat. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive detailed instructions, suggestions, directions, and a short form to fill out. 

If you aren’t able to attend the retreat and need to cancel, we offer a 65% refund, or … you can choose to be a guest at a future daylong retreat within the next year.


“Shell, thank you for a beautiful and powerful day. This retreat was transformative for me, truly a day of awakening. Thank you for your loving and compassionate guidance.”

“Thank you for leading such a beautiful retreat. I felt completely wrapped up in the comfort, safety and structure of the day. It was pitch perfect.”

“As always, it was a pleasure to experience another one of your retreats; each one is a gem and I cherish them. I really feel blessed to have experienced so many hours of your excellent teaching, you really are an expert at what you do and I truly admire the way you hold the space for us as you lead class and retreats.”

“Yesterday was awesome! Seven hours of silence and meditation, just what I needed!! Great leader, great people, great view, great day!! I feel so refreshed! Looking forward to doing it again in the future! Thanks so much Shell.”

“Thank you again for the fabulous experience, and for your expertise that you are imparting to curious minds such as mine. I am grateful for the exposure, and realize I have much to learn about the art of meditation. Thank you for making my first experience pleasurable.

If you’re planning to stay overnight in the area, please click here for things to do and places to stay.

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